Yoga Education for the Military 501c3

  • EIN: 20-3843429

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to reduce the suicide rate in the military by empowering soldiers to be successful business leaders and offer education in Transformational Healing Tools.

Board of Advisors:

Alicia McMichael, 4 Year Honorable U.S. Navy Veteran, Military Fitness Leader, Honorary Doctor, Masters Degree Business Education, TV Show Host “The Alicia McMichael Show”.  Founder of the Yoga for the Military 501c3, establishing Board of Advisors and Philanthropic Partnerships.  CEO of Billionaire Productions LLC, TV, Film and Media company.  Alicia McMichael is nominated as Miss. Hawaii Global USA 2018  “Make America Great Again for Military and Veterans”.

Wayne Allyn Root,  Nominee for Vice President at the Libertarian National Convention. Root is a political figure, Television and Radio Personality, Author, Television Producer, and Political Commentator. He is now a conservative Talk Radio Host, syndicated nationally by USA Radio Network. Wayne’s New National TV Show. “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” is on Newsmax TV.

Jason Gilbert, 10 Year Active Service U.S. Marine Officer (Major), High Impact Business, Political and Philanthropic Game Changer, Mentored by George Ross, Donald Trump’s Chief Business Negotiator, Advisor, Legal Counsel and Executive VP of 47 Years. CEO, Business Coach and Consultant. Program Lead for Bruce Nathan Governor’s Campaign in Florida 2018.

Missy Bystrom, Yoga Educator, Organizing Trainer, Author, Speaker, and a leading Personal Organizer in Orange County, California.  For more than 24 years, Missy has been been putting things in order in homes and businesses, and training others to do so. She creates functional spaces as well as peacefulness and harmony both without (one’s environment), as well as  ‘within’ (calmness and order).  The key to her success is in understanding and intentionally creating balance in all that she encounters.

Joseph Sugarman, U.S. Army Military/ CIA Veteran, Chairman of JS&A Group Inc., and Blublocker Corporation.  He is Director at TransVio Technology Ventures LLC.  He served with the Army intelligence Service and later with the CIA. He sold his line of Blublocker Sunglasses in direct mailings, mail order ads, catalogs, retail stores, on TV through Infomercials and TV.  Sugarman has sold over 20 million pairs of Blublocker sunglasses worldwide.

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