Alicia McMichael is a Model, Actress, TV Show Host, Doctor of Divinity, Yoga/ Reiki Master Educator, and has over 10 years of Business education. Alicia enjoys the beauty of nature, working with dolphins and loves fitness, especially Kundalini Yoga and the benefits of exercise to live a healthy lifestyle! Alicia has appeared in Hawaii Five-O, The Secret in Their Eyes with Julia Roberts, and she has created an entire modeling portfolio on her own and her own Television Series.

Alicia launched Mermaid Yoga TV in 2016 interviewing amazing thought leaders and Conscious Leaders. Alicia is establishing partnerships with Fashion Designers including Josephine Resort out of Maui, Jugo Life, Home Depot, Starbucks, Blublocker, Nike and other amazing brands! Watch Alicia in her new television series The Alicia McMichael Show as she interviews the most amazing new Leaders in Consciousness on the planet!!

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