Welcome to my website, my name is Alicia McMichael, I am an Actress, Stuntwoman and Model who runs a TV Production company in Oahu, Hawaii.  I am all about living a greater and more fulfilling life through creating super dynamic productions.  My current shows airing are “The Alicia McMichael Show” 30 minute Interview Series and “Mermaid Yoga TV™” Fitness Channel.  Alicia has appeared in Hawaii Five-O, The Secret in Their Eyes with Julia Roberts, and created a modeling portfolio and brand partnerships focusing on building marketing platforms for other brands.

Alicia has received nomination for “Miss. Hawaii Global USA” in 2018 for her initiative to “Make America Great Again for Military and Veterans” through her Public Speaking campaign creating awareness of Yoga Education and Alicia’s lifetime of studying breakthrough techniques for ptsd. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Mermaid Yoga TV.


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