Welcome to my website, my name is Dr. Alicia McMichael, I am an Actress, Stuntwoman and Model who runs a TV Production company in Oahu, Hawaii.  I also have a non-profit to reduce military suicides by creating educational training programs in Yoga, Reiki and Consciousness.  My current shows airing are “The Alicia McMichael Show” 30 minute Interview Series and “Mermaid Yoga TV™” Fitness Channel.

Dr. Alicia McMichael has received nomination for “Miss. Hawaii Global USA” in 2018-2019 for her initiative to “Make America Great Again for Military and Veterans” through her Public Speaking campaign creating awareness of Yoga Education and Alicia’s lifetime of studying breakthrough techniques for ptsd. Alicia is working on merging Yoga, Conscious and Reiki Education with National University a 501c3 NPO school of business in Hawaii to offering these programs with dolphins.

Miss. Hawaii Global USA is endorsed by the White House for her campaign to educate military on breakthrough techniques for ptsd.  She intends to grow the National University campus on Kanoehe Bay.  Dr. McMichael is proposing an Extended Learning Program for a 1 month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program.  This includes training in a modality called Access Consciousness, which is a powerful breakthrough technique that clears all limitations in business and in personal life.  These tools also facilitate healing in ptsd. Alicia’s non-profit cause is to reduce the 20 military suicides a day and is her endorsement for Miss. Hawaii Global USA 2018-2019.

Dr. Alicia McMichael is all about inspiring education through her partnership with Michelle Obama and Joe Biden called Reach Higher.  Please join our initiative.


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