Miss. Hawaii Global USA


Official Endorsement for Alicia McMichael for Miss. Global USA 2018 Representative from TV, Radio & Media Personality Wayne Allyn Root.

For the Miss. Global USA 2018, I endorse ​Alicia McMichael​.

Alicia is a United States military veteran who has served our country. As a child, Alicia was named Little Miss. Streetsboro, Homecoming Queen and then went on to the Homecoming Queen State Pageant. Alicia has created her own Television series called “The Alicia McMichael Show” where she interviews and highlights amazing leaders. Alicia is a successful model, Fitness trainer, Reiki Educator, and has over 10 years of business education.

Since Alicia’s completion of service in the military she created an educational university to bring awareness of educational tools in Yoga Education. Alicia McMichael has utilized all of her tuition assistance and G. I. Bill educational funding to pay for all of her education.

She has become a leading expert in the field of how to heal from military trauma, she has opened sustainable retreats centers around the globe, and has established relationships with Congressmen and woman to become a dynamic leader.

Alicia’s commitment to success has much to do with her commitment to military service and becoming supremely disciplined. She believes she can change the lives of others in the military and military veterans by utilizing educational funding to create a military of empowered soldiers, equipped with the tools to heal themselves of trauma.

After years of studying under powerful mentors and spiritual teachers, Alicia has come into her own power as a leader and change maker. Alicia deeply believes in the power of education and personal empowerment to create amazing change in one’s life.

In 2009 after getting out of the military Alicia experienced a great awakening that she would be apart of creating something extraordinary. Alicia’s courageousness to follow and pursue her dream of reducing the 23 suicides a day is fully in motion.

She is now elected as Mrs. Waikiki, although is not married, so will campaigning this year for Miss. Global Organization. Alicia would like to carry forth the message of:

“Make America Great Again for Military and Veterans.”

She deeply believes that the selfless service and great discipline embodied in military training can propel anyone into great spiritual awakening and service to humanity in a bigger way.

What if we can create amazing alliances between world leaders and nations to support military veterans?

Alicia believes anything is possible. Together we can make this world a better place for the heroes who serve their country and keep us safe at night.

Alicia believes we owe them a debt of gratitude. She wants to make their lives better.

I support this wonderful cause.



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